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Zabbix partnership

Zen Networks is pleased to announce its partnership with Zabbix SIA. As it is one of the major opensource monitoring solutions there is and certainly one of the most complete ones, we see real value in our collaboration.

Zabbix is a successful product providing centralized and efficient monitoring for major corporations. For years, Zabbix successfully competed with proprietary solutions while staying true to its opensource principles.

This model was key to building a thriving community that backed up Zabbix development alongside the core company, making it just as good or better than any proprietary solution. This move comes in the context of Zen Networks strategy for monitoring services. In fact, at Zen Networks, we choose partners that enable high quality solutions for our customers. Our innovative monitoring stack enriched with the expertise of our developers are what empower tailored solutions for our clients to match their unique needs. To learn more on how you can take advantage of our partnership, contact us as

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