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Customer Critical Challenge

Our client provides innovative automation solutions. For that it needs a state-of-the-art software solution that can be both scalable and extensible.

This solution is aimed at very large networks where the need for automation is most present. The automated devices are mostly network elements such as routers, switches, firewalls and mobile network elements. These targeted devices benefit less from known automation solutions such as Ansible since the latter are mostly focused on servers.

As any automation software, it must provide massive campaign management and compliance reporting. Security is the other important requirement as automation solutions often have access to a large number of critical network elements.

Also, to accommodate smaller networks, the automation solution’s architecture must be adaptable to become a cloud-based one following the Software-as-a-Service model.


  • Highly scalable automation solution

  • Multiple automation modules and their easy creation

  • Micro-service container-based architecture

  • Enhanced and customizable reporting



  • High throughput and secure solution

  • Enhanced network automation features

  • Future-proof software with efficient maintainability and fault-tolerance


Business Challenge

Automation is one of the fields shaping the IT world. IT managers nowadays are willing to take a chance at automating at least some parts of their network system to reduce errors and maximize productivity. However, others are arguing about the increased risks of data theft as automation often requires providing privileges and accesses to centralized software.

Presenting businesses with the greatest benefit: lower operational expense (OPEX), network automation eliminates tedious tasks requiring manual processing, helps extend the network’s capabilities, and promises a faster ROI.

Our client is addressing this automation need by building innovative solutions. Its flagship product called Optima automates network management tasks such mass configuration change, parsing and mass operating system update. In addition, it supports workflow-based automation with rollback conditions.

Zen Networks Solution

Our DevOps experts build state-of-the-art solutions providing both elasticity and scalability to our customers. By leveraging container and cloud technologies, they’re able to deploy innovative software.

Zen Networks offers automation services to its clients by integrating automation software and adapting it to the customer specific environment. This service is often coupled with the monitoring service to enable high efficiency and control for our clients.



Our client's automation solution is disrupting in the automation market where it answers a niche market where there is a wide room for improvement. In fact, network automation has many facets and mostly partial responses to it. Optima proposes a holistic and vendor-independent approach to network automation challenges.

The software modular architecture makes it efficient and evolutive. In addition, the solution can easily be integrated with external orchestration software by leveraging its Application Programming Interface (API).

Lastly, having a microservice, cloud-ready solution enables migration to a new service model with a minimal effort. Thus, making the software evolution a breeze.

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