IT monitoring is the cornerstone of reliable and efficient IT services. It gives you a sense of confidence in your services by helping you assess the health of your infrastructure and applications and predict their failure. Monitoring is also the key of precise capacity planning and reduced mean time to repair.


Major monitoring benefits

Real-time knowledge: Monitoring can provide you with real-time events and performance data to evaluate the health of your services and take action before any SLA is breached

Global console view: Monitoring provides a full view of your whole infrastructure and applications. This is a key feature to understand the dependencies that form your IT services as well as their relative impacts.

Enhanced Mean-Time-To-Repair and availability: Being more knowledgeable about your service issues makes them more reliable as you correct otherwise unnoticed issues.

Capacity planning: Graphing performance data over time allows you to define the usage patterns and when to scale horizontally using automated processes

SLA reporting and KPI analytics: As it does not suffice to simply collect metrics, being able to generate reports for management or clients is paramount and is an integrate part of the monitoring stack

Our experts analyse your needs to integrate the best suited solutions for you. We implement bricks on our monitoring stacks depending on your specific needs. Our highly available setups can be highly customizable with auto-discovery mechanisms based on your KPIs.


Cyber security awareness has arised a lot as it is now a central subject in every IT department. We offer to build your security solutions and manage them


  • Abnormal behavior detection throughout the network and notification

  • Visibility and proactiveness offered by Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS/IDS)

  • Enhancement of security topology by implementing efficient security best practices throughout the network's architecture