cloud services

  • Cloud Managed Services: We can help you plan, deploy and manage your solutions accross different cloud providers in an automated fashion.

  • Cloud Migration Services: Migrate smoothly with the help of our seasoned experts who master both traditional and cloud-based services.

  • Cloud Application Services: Get your application to the cloud with container-based solutions or serverless ones. Get an abstraction layer between your application and its underlying infrastructure using Infrastructure-as-a-Code methods.

In this era where infrastructure elasticity and reliablity can be a differenciator between businesses, going, at least partially to the cloud is a must.Whether it's a public or private cloud, by moving parts of your infrastructure to it, you gain in scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. With adaptiveIn order to migrate smoothly and leverage optimally the offerings of the public cloud, relying on experts on this field is often the best choice.Our cloud team has extensive experience with public clouds as well the DevOps mindset. They will ensure your business benefits highly from this digital transformation.Our services:


Cloud Consulting Services: Make the right decision as to what services and what provider you should go to. Assess risks and opportunities and measure ROI to define a clear strategy for your services.